Christmas Isn't Cancelled

November 29-December 27, 2020   |   5 Sermons

As 2020 begins to wind down, we were all hoping to celebrate a normal Christmas this year. But, as COVID-19 continues to spread exponentially, it's becoming clear that this Christmas will be anything but normal.

So can we actually celebrate Christmas if all of the things we usually do this time of year are off the table? Can we celebrate Christmas without seeing our family or friends in-person? Well, we'll see throughout this sermon series that Christmas isn't cancelled.


Sermon 1

A Normal Christmas

November 29, 2020

Although it would've been nice to only worry about items on our Christmas list that were back-ordered on Amazon or how we could avoid Aunt Agnes's fruit's becoming clear that this Christmas isn't going to be normal.

So can we actually celebrate Christmas if we can't get together with our family and friends? Well, we'll see throughout this sermon series that Christmas isn't cancelled.

Sermon 2

A Christmas Blessing

December 6, 2020

We know that the way we celebrate Christmas is going to be different this year. But Christmas isn't really about how we celebrate...Christmas is about who we celebrate.

So we're looking at different parts of the Christmas story to see what they can teach us about who Jesus is. This week, we'll be taking a closer look at Mary's part in the story and through her story, we'll see what it means to be blessed by God.

Sermon 3

The Purpose of Christmas

December 13, 2020

When you were a kid you may have dreamed that you would grow up and become a firefighter, an astronaut, or a pilot. But for kids growing up in Israel 2,000 years ago, they would've dreamt of being the Messiah...and that includes Jesus's earthly father, Joseph.

In this week's service, we'll see how Joseph's dreams helped him to realize who God is and to discover the purpose of Christmas.

Sermon 4

What Christmas Is About

December 20, 2020

Throughout this season, we have reminded you that Christmas isn't about how we's about who we celebrate. So, to help us better understand who we celebrate at Christmas, we have been exploring the story of Jesus's birth.


This week, we'll explore the story of the shepherds. And we'll see what the shepherds' involvement in this story tells us about the meaning of Christmas.

Sermon 5

Keeping Christmas

December 27, 2020

Throughout this Christmas season, we have reminded you that even though COVID-19 has changed the way we'll celebrate this year that Christmas isn't cancelled. But there is something that can cancel the good news of this season...and that's the way that we keep Christmas throughout the year. So now that December 25th has passed for another year, you have to decide if you'll keep Christmas or try to cancel it.