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Celebrate with Us

440 N Whittington Pkwy

Louisville, KY 40222

It's more blessed to give than to receive, and every Christmas at Melbourne Heights we give back by partnering with the Salvation Army's Angel Tree.

Over the last six years, we have helped make the Christmas dreams of over 550 kids and their families in Louisville, KY come true.

You can help us provide for Angels this year by clicking on the link below to donate.






Before and after each of our Christmas services, we will have a photo booth set up for you and your family or friends to take Christmas pictures.

You can check out your photos by clicking the button below. From there you can download your photos and use them however you'd like - from creating Christmas cards, to posting on social media.



Where do I go when I arrive?

When you arrive, you will want to park in the Burhans Hall parking lot - don't worry, we'll have plenty of signs out to help you find the right spot. After you park, simply enter through any Burhans Hall entrance. We’ll have greeters at the door who will welcome you. Once inside, head to the Welcome Center and we’ll take it from there! Easy, right?

How long is a typical worship service?

You can expect a typical service to last between 45 minutes and an hour.

What should I wear?

You can wear a suit and tie, you can wear jeans and flip-flops, or you can wear anything in between. We just want you to be comfortable so that your focus in on worshiping God.

What is a worship service like?

Every Sunday is a little different, but there are a few things you can expect. First, we will sing a mixture of classic hymns and newer songs together. During the service, feel free to participate however you’d like. If you want to sit and listen, feel free to do so. If you want to stand or raise your hands to sing, you can do that too. Second, you can expect to hear a word from God while you're here each week. This message may be inspiring or challenging, but every message is meant to help you grow closer to Jesus. If you'd like to hear some of our recent sermons for yourself, you can check out our sermon archives by clicking here.

What do you do for kids

When we gather for worship, we love for all ages to come together. And right now, since vaccines aren't available for our kids, we are not offering any in-person programming for our kids. However, we do try to find ways to include elements in our services that will appeal to even the youngest children in attendance.
We are looking forward to a time when we will be able to resume our regular children's ministry. This will include a nursery for children under 3 during our entire service, as well as an extended session for our older children (from ages 3 through 3rd grade) during the second half of our worship service most weeks.

Will you ask for money?

No. But as part of our worship service, we do collect an offering. But at Melbourne Heights, we want to live generous lives, and invite people who support our mission to give as they feel led. We have no expectation for guests to give.

Can I attend if I'm __________?

Yes. Fill in the blank with whatever you’re worried about: single, divorced, gay, straight, white, black, addicted, hurting, poor, super-successful, a nonbeliever, atheist, Cats fan, Cards fan, Nickelback fan, or whatever else. At Melbourne Heights, we’ll welcome you as you are, so come visit us this Sunday!